Club Finals Day



Coach’s Corner – Words of Wisdom from BG

In order to perform to your maximum potential in pennant competition, it is imperative for players to conduct the majority of on-green practice sessions in a competitive frame of mind.

In most cases the current approach to bowls practice basically consists of a little more than a “roll up” several times per week.

This type of practice will rarely develop the necessary skill levels, confidence, or even build a strong foundation for future success, in fact, it leads to mediocrity.


  • To develop and improve the potential of all players interested in further developing and improving their bowling techniques and skills and to provide a coaching program available to all members.
  • To assist players in developing an increased range of shot-making required for the position in which they play in pennants. (Refer Shot Selection Sheet).
  • To assist players with correction of delivery problems which tend to creep into ones game over a period of time.
  • All players – teams – sides, have the potential to improve their skills regardless of the Division in which they play.
  • For example, by one player by just delivering 2 (two) more effective bowls during a game, increases their performance by 4% over 25 ends x 4 players, then by 12 or 16, must increase winning margins.
  • Remember, playing winning and percentage bowls is all about the number of effective bowls played by each member of the team during a game.

Finally   –  “Practice does not make perfect  –  only perfect practice does!”

Brian Gum

The Perfect End

Here is a link to a YouTube clip which shows a training drill called the perfect end.  Could be worth trying.


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