Coach’s Corner

Somehow, in the rush to get this morning’s first post of the season out, an important contribution from Club Coach, Brian Gum got left out.  Apologies Brian.


Thursday 14 September saw the completion of coaching for fourteen Years 11 and 12 Moonta School students after twelve weeks of intensive training.

The Year 12’s who were training under the Education Department’s SACE Course for Physical Education will complete an assessment of their sessions prior to the end of the year, conducted by the Department’s own internal assessment system.

I would particularly like to thank Beryl Williams who ably managed the sessions while Betty and I were on holidays.

I also would like to thank other members who assisted Beryl with this project, namely Sharon Cavanagh, Lyn Wildash, Pauline Jowett and also Rikki Bartlett, June Wilson and Sally Girardi.  The Club and the School appreciated your help –  many thanks to you all.

Also my thanks to Barry Fuss, Coralie Herrmann, Lyn Wildash and Beryl, who together, provided six sets of small size bowls to cope with the additional students attending.

Finally, our Club is in need of more volunteers with experience to participate in various coaching courses arranged by Bowls SA.  If your are interested in learning more about this most rewarding aspect of the game, please let me know.

Brian Gum
Club Coach

Super Series and Beyond

Last week, Moonta hosted two highly successful days of the Seniors Supa Series Copper Coast event.
But, before we get to that, here are some other important things:


We now have a potentially life saving defibrillator in the Clubrooms.  The defibrillator guides people through its use and CPR. Hopefully, it will never be needed but, if it is, it would be good if as many members as possible were reasonably confident in its use.

To this end, there is a link below to a 5 minute video on the use of the defibrillator.  Just click on the “play” button in the icon (or the link below) and you will be taken to a new web page where the video should start playing.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest, SCA, AED, PAD, Products, United States – Samaritan PAD 350P

Disappointing Decision

Following the withdrawal of the Wallaroo Mines 1st Division side from Saturday pennants, the NYP Association on Sunday decreed that Moonta, this year, will have two 1st Division sides, one 2nd Division side and two 3rd Division sides.  This was not the outcome that we had hoped for, but we have no choice now but to go along with what has been decided for us.

Volunteers Recognised

Bowls SA held a day of recognition for volunteers in conjunction with the opening of the Seniors Supa Series at Wallaroo last Monday.  Two of our members were awarded framed Certificates of Appreciation for their tireless efforts over the years for the Club, the local association and the Northern Region.  You will probably recognise them in the mugshot below.

Harry and Dasher – Well deserved

Opening Day

Don’t forget the official opening of the new season next Monday at 2:00pm.  Please bring a plate to share for afternoon tea.

Champion of Champions


The regional final of the Champion of Champions Pairs was held at Wallaroo on the 17th of this month.  Despite playing on the blue carpet, Lyn Wildash and Sharon Cavanagh cruised to a comfortable victory and can be seen above holding the trophy.  Well done ladies – a fantastic effort.

Friday Dinners

The Moonta Master Chefs will again be running hamburger nights on the last Friday of each month starting in October (but not in December).  As well as this, the Moonta Master Chefs will also be offering a chicken roast on the second Friday of each month.  Cost will be $5 each time.  Keep an eye on the notice board for booking sheets.

Please note:  these nights are run with tight financial margins so, if you put your name on the list, please make sure you turn up.

Rump Raffle

Starting on the first Friday in October, there will be an early tray draw, for a tray of rump steak.  The number card will be on the bar, tickets will be $2 each and the draw will take place at 5:00 p.m.

There will be other draws at 6:00pm, along with the members draw and a revamped key raffle.  See you there!

The Supa Series (at last)

The 2017 Seniors Supa Series was held at Moonta on Tuesday & Thursday last week with Wednesday’s play being at Wallaroo.  Moonta’s greens were filled to capacity on both days with 128 bowlers from all over the State in attendance in good weather.  Well done to all the volunteers on the greens, in the kitchen, Bar & the Tournament Committee who did a great job.  Thanks also to Bowls SA Seniors Committee members headed by Mike Wildash for their work.  Lots of pictures of the event follow below.

The kitchen crew.  There would be no event without them!
Just as important – the bar people
Tuesday Winners – President of Bowls SA Wayne Prosser with Steve Eichenberger, Mick Hayes, Fred Schenck (all Moonta) & Rod Knevitt (Wallaroo)
Thursday Winners – Mayor Cynthia Axford, Barunga West Council, Kevin Robertson, Wayne Haskett. Mike Wildash & Ian Fife (not in order)
Thursday Runners-Up – The Mayor, Phil Johnson, Judy Prosser, Merilyn Allen & Don Underlin
Thursday Third Place – The Mayor, Ian Hatcher, Gordon Davis, John Andrew & Phil Woodward
John Andrew delivers.
Kevin Coates & Mike Wildash on the mat.


A Very Late Post

Apologies to those who were hoping to see the contents of this post a bit sooner.
Sometimes technology can trip up even the best of us.  But, as they say, better late than never….

Presentation Night

The annual Club Presentation Night was held on Saturday 1st April.  As usual it was a glittering affair with great food and great company.  Well done to the organisers and to all those who brought along the spread of delicious, low calorie food.
A few photos from the night and a full list of club tournament winners can be seen below.

Ladies Club Singles Champion Marg Chandler with runner up Helen Andrew
Men’s Singles Champion Mick Hayes









President Bob Wheaton presenting a certificate of appreciation to Steve Bartlett for his 10 years as Night Owls coordinator

Men’s Tournament Results

Championship Singles
Winner:           Mick Hayes
Runner Up:      Kevin Coates
‘B’ Grade Singles
Winner:           Bob Cavanagh
Runner Up:      Kevin Sorrell
Championship Pairs
Winners:          Don Bennett & Kevin Coates
Runners Up:    Bob Cavanagh & Steve Jolly
Championship Fours
Winners:          Mike Wildash, Steve Eichenberger, Mick Hayes & John Richards
Runners Up:    John Pearson, Bob Cavanagh, Max Herrmann, Lindsay Stam
Handicap Pairs
Winners:          Mike Wildash & Bob Cavanagh
Runners Up:    Terry Logan & Colin Taylor
Sets Play
Winner:           Gordon Davis
Runner Up:      Bob Wheaton

Ladies Tournament Results

Championship Singles
Winner:           Margaret Chandler
Runner Up:      Helen Andrew
Green Championship Singles
Winner:           Helen Bishop
Runner Up:      Doris Sykes
Championship Pairs
Winners:          Sharon Cavanagh (Sk). & Lyn Wildash
Runners Up:    Margaret Chandler (Sk). & Coralie Herrmann
Championship Fours
Winners:          Margaret Chandler (Sk). Sandra Barker, Rikki Bartlett, Lyn Cocks.
Runners Up:    Kay Johns (Sk). Helen Andrew, Lyn Wildash, Pauline Jowett
Ladies 100 Up
Winner:           Sharon Cavanagh
Runner Up:      Rosemary Smith

Hatchers Medley

The annual Ian Hatcher Men’s Medley was played at the Club on April 8th & 9th.

Weather was good besides a few small showers on the Sunday. The Moonta greens were in the usual excellent condition.

There were 128 players in 32 teams from as far afield as Ceduna & Nangiloc, Victoria plus a Western Australian and a Queenslander.  There were also a strong contingent of premier league players from Adelaide Clubs.  A good turnout of Moonta member volunteers ensured the event ran smoothly and the Moonta ladies put up their usual feast each day.

Winners on Saturday were a team of Ian Hatcher (Moonta),Peter Mueller (Frances), Col Roberts (Payneham) and Bernie Blums (Ceduna).
Sunday winners, who were also the overall carnival winners, were A Walker, M McCaffrey, B Nystram & G. Nardecchia from Payneham.

The weekend couldn’t take place without the generous support of our sponsors Lion Nathan, Wallaroo Celebrations, Moonta Hotel, Royal Hotel, Davies Transport, YP Massage Therapy, and First National Real Estate Moonta
The overall winners A Walker, M McCaffrey, B Nystram, and G Nardecchia from Payneham together with Lauren Skinner from YP Massage Therapy

Celebration Dinner

Ian Hatcher receives his well deserved OAM on Thursday 4th May at Government House in Adelaide.  All members are welcome to join him for dinner at the Royal Hotel that evening.  Time is 6:30 for 7:00.  Please ring the hotel to book.

Coach’s Corner

Winning Pennant Finals

Some timely words of wisdom from BG:

All sides came either top or second at the conclusion of the pennant round, so don’t throw away all that good experience and confidence.

What do the best in sports do?  We may not be be the world’s best, but why not apply some things the best do at our level…


Keep it fun
Keep it basic
Keep a ‘reality’ check on your game – lose confidence not skill

Winning ways……during the game

Pre delivery routine exact and constant every bowl
Visualise every delivery
Be technically proficient – bend low and slow
Maintain your standard – accept the occasional mistake
Tacticaslly, make preferred decisions, minimise errors

Team Awareness

Everyone reacts favorably to compliments
Leads set our tactical foundation
Don’t be greedy
Maintain, then gain
Bowls in the head reduces the risk factor
Four rink teams make the side
Keep monitoring the progress of me, the rink, and the side
Responsibility is shared equally 25% per player


You have played and practiced all season to make and win the final. If you do what you always do you will get what you have always got – another win.  In this case though, it just happens to be the final!  Good Luck.



Moonta Men’s Midweek pennant side claimed the first pennant for the Club this season, with a win over Wallaroo White at Kadina yesterday. Score was 69 to 53. It was Moonta’s first year back in the Mid Week pennants after a gap of many years. 12 regular players represented the side over the season. Pictured below are:
Back L to R Darryl Behncke, Phil Johnson, Kevin Coates, Kevin Sorrell, Graham Curtis
Front L to R Phil Woodward, John Neville, Richard Kent, Mike Wildash, Howard Andrew
 Other regular players were Peter Rost & Joe Fahey

Presentation Night

As advised in the last blog, the presentation night will be held on Saturday 1 April, 6:30 for 7:00.  For catering purposes, could you please RSVP by placing your name(s) on the list on the outside noticeboard.  Members are asked bring a savoury plate to share and a sweet plate as well (the last blog only mentioned one plate).  Thanks.

Pocket Money?

Our window cleaner has retired and we need a replacement.  Before putting the job out to tender, to job is being offered to any capable, interested member.  Currently, the windows are cleaned every 12 weeks and the remuneration is $80.  If you are interested, please contact Ray Walker.

Diary Dates and Other Things

Presentation Night

To fit in with the demands of a very busy time of year, the timing of the Club Presentation Night has been adjusted.  It will now be held on Saturday 1st April.  The time is 6:30 for 7:00.  Please bring a plate to share for a buffet tea.

Raffle Draw

The draw for the club raffle will be held at Friday Nibbles on the 17th of March.

Men’s Meeting

There will be a Men’s meeting on 27th March at 7:00pm to discuss matters for the local association AGM.


“Civility means a great deal more than just being nice to one another. It is complex and encompasses learning how to connect successfully and live well with others, developing thoughtfulness, and fostering effective self-expression and communication. Civility includes courtesy, politeness, mutual respect, fairness, good manners, as well as a matter of good health.”– Pier Massimo Forni

“We have a choice about how we behave, and that means we have the choice to opt for civility and grace.”– Dwight Currie

It is with some regret that it is necessary to remind all members that all  the hard working people around our Club are volunteers and that they deserve your respect and courtesy.  If you have any issues the way things are being done, please raise your concern in an appropriate and civil manner.  Confrontation and abuse will only make existing volunteers impossible to keep and future volunteers hard to find.

BTW – An occasional “great job” acknowledgement of the volunteers would be warmly received.



Club Finals Day



Coach’s Corner – Words of Wisdom from BG

In order to perform to your maximum potential in pennant competition, it is imperative for players to conduct the majority of on-green practice sessions in a competitive frame of mind.

In most cases the current approach to bowls practice basically consists of a little more than a “roll up” several times per week.

This type of practice will rarely develop the necessary skill levels, confidence, or even build a strong foundation for future success, in fact, it leads to mediocrity.


  • To develop and improve the potential of all players interested in further developing and improving their bowling techniques and skills and to provide a coaching program available to all members.
  • To assist players in developing an increased range of shot-making required for the position in which they play in pennants. (Refer Shot Selection Sheet).
  • To assist players with correction of delivery problems which tend to creep into ones game over a period of time.
  • All players – teams – sides, have the potential to improve their skills regardless of the Division in which they play.
  • For example, by one player by just delivering 2 (two) more effective bowls during a game, increases their performance by 4% over 25 ends x 4 players, then by 12 or 16, must increase winning margins.
  • Remember, playing winning and percentage bowls is all about the number of effective bowls played by each member of the team during a game.

Finally   –  “Practice does not make perfect  –  only perfect practice does!”

Brian Gum

The Perfect End

Here is a link to a YouTube clip which shows a training drill called the perfect end.  Could be worth trying.

Moonta Postal Centre Mixed Pairs


Moonta Postal Centre Mixed Pairs were held in warm conditions on Saturday.  A full field of 32 teams participated in another great Club event.
Terry Logan & Pieter Heesemans and their band of helpers did a great job in the kitchen providing a cheap chicken & salad lunch.
The photos below show the winners Beryl Williams and Kevin Sorrell, runners up John and Helen Cavanagh, and third placegetters Bob & Sharon Cavanagh, all with sponsor Paul Ausburn.  Unlucky 4th were John Richards & Maureen Huddleston who were also 3 game winners.

Your Big Chance! (maybe)

cg18_emb_140pxWe know everyone would love to be part of the Commonwealth Games, and playing in bowls’ biggest event would be high up on your bucket list; but have you thought about volunteering and getting up close to the action at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games?

Commonwealth Games Lawn Bowls Manager (GOLDOC) Mark Casey is building a volunteer workforce for the Lawn Bowls competition to be held at the Broadbeach Bowls Club and is calling for expressions of interests. 

The Commonwealth Games commences on April 4, 2018 and concludes on April 15, with the Lawn Bowls competition running from April 5 to April 13.

All travel and accommodation costs will be at the expense of the Volunteer; however, public transport in and around the Gold Coast will be free for Volunteers during Games time. 

All volunteers will receive a uniform kit, meals if required during a rostered shift, and most importantly the experience of a lifetime.

Volunteering roles include Field of Play Supervisor, Sport Competition Team Members, Sport Information Team Members, Scoreboard Attendants and Paddle Holders. For more information on the roles click here

Sadly, we only had three days to promulgate the above information and have members apply.  I didn’t realise this and the official application channel closed last Friday.  This morning I spoke to Mark Casey and he tells me that they have hundreds more applicants than they need.  However, he would still be keen from any “high quality” Moonta members who would like to be involved.

So, if you think cut the mustard as a “high quality volunteer” and would like an all expenses paid (by you) trip to the Gold Coast, contact me in the next few days and I will pass your details directly to Mark Casey.  – Jack Gallagher

A Day in the Life

As the photos below show, it was another tough day at the office yesterday for Greenkeeper Graham Curtis.  While he took time out to have his feet anointed, his minions were busy testing out the Club’s new welterweight roller.

20170117_094559-400 20170117_094503-400  img_0638

Another Volunteering Opportunity

After more than ten years magnificent service as Mower-In-Chief of the croquet green, Colin Taylor has retired.  Thanks “Tinks” for a great effort.  As a result, a vacancy exists for a new Mower-In-Chief.  If you have the time and inclination to mow the croquet green once a week (less during winter), please let Graham Curtis know asap.


Don’t forget Monday’s Special General Meeting at the clubrooms, 7:00pm.

Be there, or be not round!



Change of Dates

We have two date clashes for upcoming events.  As a result the following changes to our schedule have been made:

The $5 Nibble Challenge has been shifted to Friday 20 January to avoid a clash with the men’s 1st Division side playing Wallaroo on the 13th.

Also, the Moonta Postal Centre Mixed Pairs has been brought forward by a day to
Saturday 28 January avoid a clash with a State event on the Sunday.